What is PsychoTherapy?

Psychotherapy is a type of treatment that can help individuals experiencing mental health and life challenges. It is aimed to help relieve emotional distress and to bring awareness to signs and symptoms connected to mental health challenges as well as identify the psychological root causes of one’s condition. The goal of psychotherapy is to help the client improve the overall quality of their life. 

Psychotherapy can support individuals, couples, and families coping with stressful life events, navigating the impact of trauma, medical illness or loss such as the death of a loved one; and specific mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. Psychotherapy may be used in combination with medication or other therapies.

What is Trauma Based Psychotherapy? Trauma-based psychotherapy is a specific form of therapy focused on helping the individual cope with the emotional response caused by a traumatic event. It is a treatment approach aimed to help reduce and remove traumatization.

How do i know
if this is right for me?

If you are feeling stuck in your life, relationship, career, school, navigating an upcoming life transition or having to make a hard yet necessary decision in your life and need a place to process and gain support and clarity.

If you are a helper who bears witness to the trauma and challenges of others (by profession or personally you are the one that everyone goes to with their problems) and need a space to process and heal, while not being responsible to hold space for anyone but yourself.

 If you are experiencing life stressors or past events in your life that a currently impacting your quality of life, ability to engage in satisfying relationships, and/or it is impacting your ability to complete daily activities such a school, work, or Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

If you have experienced a traumatic event in your life causing difficulty in managing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, experiencing emotional triggers due to sensory (smell, sounds, etc), thas is impacting your overall quality of life and your ability to move forward in life.

If you are ready for a change in your life, relationships, and family dynamics, to experience freedom from symptoms and/or experiences that allow you to feel like you are living and the ability to enjoy your life.

Meet Your Therapist

Lauren N. Jenkins


Lauren is a trauma-specialized psychotherapist who specializes working with clients who are dealing with life challenges and transitions, those impacted by depression, anxiety, and mood disorders related to trauma. Lauren also works with couples experiencing relationship distress, and clients experiencing family challenges.

 Additionally, Lauren specializes in providing therapy to clients who work in the helping professions (healthcare, Corrections, Clergy, Youth & Family services, Mental health services, etc.), who may have been impacted by vicarious trauma, or may be struggling through their own trauma-related challenges while striving to serve and support others.

Lauren provides psychotherapy services to clients who reside in the state of Maryland.

A Message from Lauren

“I believe self-awareness is the first step in making sustainable change and to reach true Liberation. I believe in creating a safe & therapeutic space for my clients; free from judgment and truly empowering. I take a holistic approach in my practice; I often incorporate Mindfulness Practices into the counseling experience, engaging the mind, body, & spirit.

You are taking one of the most important steps on your Journey to Wellness. Making the decision to begin therapy is truly courageous. I believe that you have the intrinsic power & ability to heal, and to live the life you most desire. I would love the opportunity to walk with you on this therapeutic journey; to hear your story, because your story matters.”

When I think about cultivating safety in therapy I think about Lauren. She is a master of tending to energetics in therapy, and as a result her clients get to experience warmth, comfort, and laughter even in deep, sometimes painful work.
Laura Marques Brown
Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LCPC
Lauren is a beautifully gifted person. She brings passion to everything she encounters. You will be radically changed for the better in any interaction you have with her.
Tempest Anderson
Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, LCMHC

Ready to Start your Journey 2 well?

Please note, by clicking this button, you’ll be redirected to Anchored Hope Therapy to sign up for Lauren’s waitlist.

Please note, by clicking the button above, you’ll be redirected to Anchored Hope Therapy to sign up for Lauren’s waitlist.

Common Questions

Yes. At this time I take The following insurance plans: 

Blue Cross

Blue Shield

BlueCross and BlueShield


Out of Network (Can provide Superbills for reimbursement)

At this time, there is a waitlist for insurance-pay clients. However, a few slots are open for self-pay clients

Your first session will possibly feel like a “getting to know you” experience. The therapist will review and confirm that all consents and authorization forms have been completed, will provide an overview of what to expect regarding the therapy experience including, length of sessions and will answer any questions the client may have regarding therapeutic approach and what to expect with therapy. There will be questions asked by your therapist to gather information about what experiences, symptoms, and challenges have led you to therapy. Most importantly, the first session is really to determine that experience and therapeutic relationship is a good fit for the client.  You and the therapy will also chat about your personal goals for therapy, your expectations and readiness to engage in treatment.