Organizational Consulting Services

Providing organizations and leadership in the helping profession with strategies to address organizational challenges as well as organizational & employee wellness.

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Change Management Consulting

When looking to explore how to roll out a new directive or protocol, our team is equipped to help you develop that plan of Action! Our team will support your organization in the facilitation of change management; specifically supporting leadership in effectively strategizing, communicating, and implementing organizational changes throughout their workplace environment.

Coordination of Wellness and Self-Care Builder Events

The Journey2Well, LLC has experience organizing wellness day events, inviting small businesses and wellness partners, to provide an onsite builder event to help staff connect with services to support their mental health, self-care, and wellness.

Strategy Sessions to address employee wellness and staff Morale

The Journey2Well, LLC provides strategy sessions to equip management with guidance and practical tools to improve employee wellness, cultivate healthier work environments, and work morale.

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